Student Resources

At Aspatria Institute, we want to encourage and empower individuals from our local community to further their education and gain a solid foundation in a new, fast-growing career field. Aspatria Institute supports students academically and financially, allowing them the best setting to develop, grow, and ultimately succeed.

Aspatria Institute provides the following student resources:

  • Academic Advisement – Your academic advisor will ensure you take the courses you need to graduate on time.
  • Tutoring Services – If you feel like you’re falling behind, don’t fret! Take advantage of our Tutoring services to ensure you understand the material and keep up with your classmates.
  • Career Services – Our career service representatives assist you in building your resume, finding potential jobs, and preparing you for a successful interview. We firmly believe in helping our students take the next step and do our best to prepare them for the workforce following their graduation.*
  • Life Resources – We want to ensure your focus is on success. While we do not offer personal counseling, we can guide you to helpful resources.
  • Library Resources – Aspatria Institute participates with the Library Internet Resource Network (LIRN). Students of the institution possess a virtual online library available to them 24 hours a day seven days per week. Virtual assistance is available to assist with any research assistance to students may require. Access to LIRN will be given by the Campus Registrar.

*Job placement is not guaranteed

Financial Resources

Aspatria students can qualify for scholarships, but we also offer in-house payment plans that work for you.

Check out our financial services, scholarship, and financial calculator pages to see you can invest in your future.

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