Our Scholarships

Don’t let finances hold you back from your future! Think you need additional financial support to pursue your educational goals? You may be eligible for one of our scholarships; we offer full and partial scholarships to our students.*
*Pending eligibility

In line with our mission and values, we offer scholarships to eligible students who are in need of additional financial support. These scholarships are essential to successfully empowering and enabling our local community; they help students further their education and personal development through career training.

Finding the money needed for education is worth the time it takes. Imagine graduating and starting your new career debt-free! Aspatria Institute tries to make the scholarship application as easy as possible, because we know that education is worth the investment.

Scholarship Terms

Scholarships are usually merit-based awards (based on your grades and achievements) but some may have need-based requirements as well. To apply for an Aspatria Institute scholarship, applicants must go through the scholarship application process which includes (but is not limited to) an application essay and scoring a 70% or higher on the Aspatria Institute entrance exam. The scholarship award can only be used at Aspatria Institute and is non-transferable.

Calculate Your Payments

See what your payments would look like using our financial calculator. While our in-house financing with zero interest and APR is a great benefit to our students, our scholarships can make an Aspatria Institute education even more affordable! So if the payments shown feel out of your reach, we encourage you to apply for a partial or full scholarship.

Additional Financial Options

We want to see you succeed and achieve your goals. That’s why we encourage our students to investigate all financial support possibilities. While there are a handful of scholarship options for our potential students, we encourage you to look into all your options!

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