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Resources for Aspatria Students

Student Success Services

Academic Advisement

Your academic advisor will ensure you take the courses you need to graduate on time, with the right classes.

24/7 Online Resources

Get free access to library resources from home or school.

Life Resources

We want to ensure your focus is on success; if you find you’re distracted by issues like food insecurity or transportation, we can help you get the resources you need.


If you start falling behind in your studies, we offer free tutoring to help you keep up with your classmates.

Need access to your Aspatria Portals?

Log in from here and utilize all the resources you may need to complete your studies.

Career Services

Our career service representatives prepare you for a career by helping you build your resume, find potential jobs, and even prepare you for a successful interview.

We firmly believe in helping our students take the next step and do our best to help them secure a job following their graduation. Our career services representatives will do everything to help our students put their newly acquired skills into practice.*

* While our career services representatives will provide leads and assist our students as best as possible, they cannot guarantee job placement.

Financial Services

Money shouldn’t hold anyone back from a fulfilling career. Many Aspatria students qualify for scholarships. We also offer our in-house, no-interest financing to our students, so you can pay as you go.

Check out our financial resources, scholarship, and calculator pages to see how you can afford to invest in your future.

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